Pick a Roof Style

Odering Your Roofing Solution

Using the option below you may familiarize yoursefl with choices needed to make when selecting a Hendesron's roofing solution.

Although roofing doesn't wear out all at once, its demise have a way of sneaking up on you. Then you're faced with the vid decision: What kind of replacement roofing are you going to use? Deciding doesn't have to be an ordeal - even inexpensive roofing will keep the rain of your head if it's installed properly. And there are so many material and price options available, you can get just about any look you want from a number of different products.

Suggested SMART Roofing System

Roof to be designed by roof professionals / engineers.

Select the choice profile of Corrugated /Trapezoidal or Valencia Tile in minimum 24/ 25 gauge thickness.

Use the main wooden rafters of 2”x 6”/8”.

Rafters must be anchored properly using the hold down plate on the wall and additional tie on clips for uplift protection with 4” concrete fasteners.

Apex connector to be used at hip on the both sides and installed with ½”bolts.

5/8” or ¾” thick plywood to be nailed on the rafter.

Heat radiant barrier to be placed on top of the plywood before installing the purlins.

Wooden purlins of 2”x4” to be used at 2 ½” spacing.

2 ½” or 3” long galvanized screws with EPDM washers to be used for installation of sheets.

Butyl tape to be used on overlap of each sheets.

3” screws to be used on the rafters to get the maximum embedment and 2” to be used on the perlins to engage into the plywood.

5 screws to be used for the each width of sheet including the overlap.

Roofing sheets to be projected out 1” at face board and seamless gutter must be installed flush to the sheet and face board. Do not leave any gaps.

Bat strips and universal strips to be used at capping and at eve.

Ensure sufficient anchors used for securing the capping / flashings. Ensure to no gaps.

Eaves should not exceed 1 ½ ft.

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