Tapping screws, stitch screws, all case hardened steel, galvanized with EPDM boneded steel washers, suitable for both wood and metal surfaces. Available in plain galvanized or prepainted to henderson colours; Size ranges from 3/4 inch to 2 1/2 inch.


Aluminium and UPVC White Single Sash and Gliders, Sturdy, Durable with Grey tinted glass. Fitted with insect screens; Appropriate sizes for Living, Dining, Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathrooms.


Elegant, White, easy to install, complete guttering system with 10 foot standard length gutters and down pipes. Inside/outside corners, gutter drop, wall clamps, brackets and 30/45/60 degree bends all available in UPVC with down pipe and a variety of bends.

Bat Strip

Tailor made sponge strips to match Henderson profiles. Available in Corrugated, Trapeziod, Tile profiles. Butyl Sealant Tape - Premium Double Adhesive 1/5 inch rolls for firm roof overlay.

Sun Shield

Proven Radiant Heat Barrier rolls with double sided aluminium foil and woven polyethylene sandwich layer for strength; MAKING HOMES COOLER

Ridge Covering

Ridge covering or ridge cap are metal objects that cap the ridge of a roof.They are also referred to as ridge rolls or ridge flashings.Standard Profile are available. Suitable for corrugated, Trapezoidal and step down roofs. Available in any length up to 25 feet.Standard length is 10 feet.


Variety of Sheeting Profiles in Prepainted & Zinc 22/24/25G.

  • Corrugated
  • Trapezoidal
  • Tropical Tile

Fascia Trim and Valley Flashings (Customs made).

Capings (3 types).

Prepainted and Zinc Screws - 2”, 2 ½”, 3” and 3 ½”.
(Wooden and Self tapping)

Radiant Heat Barriers (Sunshield) and tapes.

Seamless Gutter system and accessories.

Bat strips inside/outside - for all the profiles.


Typical Building Strength Chain

Connectors to be used

Apex connector

Jack Rafter/ Hip Rafter connector

Hold down connector

Tie-on connector

Common Roofing Shapes

Shed (Least Efficient)


Hip including Dutch Hip (Most Efficient)


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